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Magic Mancala MOD APK

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Description of Magic Mancala (MOD, Unlimited Money) on android

🔴 Introduction

Magic Mancala —— REAL PLAYER

Mancala is one of the oldest known board games. There are many variants including Oware, Kalah and etc.

Right now we reinvented the game, with new mode ‘Magic Mode’ added-on and bring a totally new experience for everyone.

The traditional two modes Oware and Kalah are added more joyousness by introducing in-game items during the battle. You can regret your move, extend time in your round and even place bomb to collect more seeds. Every round will last 45 seconds, but you have to make a move during the round, if not, you’ll lose the game automatically thus it is more intense battling with real people.

The new mode Magic Mode is innovated based on Oware. A special seed ‘Magic Seed’ is placed on each side, whenever these two magic seeds are in one of opponent’s holes together, the so called ‘Magic Harvest’ will happen, all seeds of that hole will be collected.

Last but not least, beans and coins are currency in the game. You will win beans and coins during the battle and even use them to exchange real gift or real cash like pre-paid phone card. Moreover, there are three mini casino games in this application, the player just pays the entrance fee (in-game beans or coins), and will have a chance to gain much much more.

🔴 Features

It is a multi-player online game, only battle with real people from all around the world.

🔴 In-game Item

* Redo: retract a false move, only available after 2 round.
* Time Extender: extra 15 seconds for single round.
* More: play an extra round after one round finishes.
* Bomb: collect all the diamonds in one hole of player’s side.

🔴 In-game currency

* Bean: necessary for starting a new game. If the player win the game, he will gain more beans and vice versa. No beans, no game. For newbies, the game will give away 800 to 1000 beans as gift.
* Coin: real currency in the game. Can be exchanged for beans, 1 coin = 1000 beans. Coins could only be gained by depositing cash. Different coutries have different exchange rate. Player can purchase coins with different plans, one-time, weekly or monthly.

🔴 Mini game

You will have chance to win more coins to play more online games.

* Lucky wheel
* Entrance fee: 200 beans, could win beans, coins, and in-game items.
* Slot
* Entrance fee: 500 beans, could win beans, coins, and in-game items.
* Blind box
* Entrance fee: 20 coins, could win coins

1st prize 1: 327,690,720

2nd prize 1: 981,109.939780306

3rd prize 1: 10,545.1559137714

4th prize 1: 287.8267193624

5th prize 1: 19.0696083692

6th prize 1: 3.1481483724

7th prize 1: 1.5965684334

🔴 Rules

48 seeds, with 6 holes of each side. Each hole will have 4 seeds.


* The first player starts by picking up all the four seeds and distributing them (one per hole) as they move through the pots in a right-hand (counter-clockwise) movement.

* This movement might see them cross into the opponent’s side or stay on theirs, depending on which pit they pick their starting seeds from.

* This goes on till a player finds a way to ensure their last seed lands in a pit on their opponent’s side which brings the tally of the seeds in such a pit to 2 or 3 .


* To set up, place four “seeds” in each hole, excluding the mancala pot.

* If the last seed of a move landed on your pot, then you can move again.
* If the last seed of a move landed an empty hole on your side, and there are some seeds
in the opposite hole, then the seeds in the two cups will be captured in your pot.


* Based on Oware.
* Have a magic seed in each side
* When two magic seeds are placed in one hole in your opponent’s side, all seeds in that hole will be yours.

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